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January 23, 2017 - Context of Education

At the age of twelve I started playing volleybal. I’d seen my parents play volleybal for years. In the next fifteen years I fighted my way up to the (my) top: national topdivision in the Netherlands. Since I started playing I was told that I was to small (not tall enough) to make it to the top. I was rejected for all talent programs in my area because of my length. My path to the top was long, and I had to fight to prove ‘them’ wrong. When playing in the national division all my opponents looked down on me. But I just had to prove ‘them’ wrong as well. Many topsporters know that achieving goals is not about the goal itself but about the proces of getting there. I now spend my time in the sports hall with training other to achieve their goal, their highest potential. And inspire regular players that anything is possible (even if your told otherwise) as long as you strive for your top. In sport I am used to strive, work hard and train my peers. I am missing that (sport) climate in our regular education.

From 4 years old until the age of 21 I walked the education system as it was meant to be. After my graduation I started as entrepreneur and combined that with teaching in Higher Education; at the Rotterdam University of applied sciences. Within two years I will reach the 25 years I am submerged in education. I will use the coming two years to conduct research on education, because I have a mission. A mission to change education into an adaptive environment in which teachers and students will reach their highest potential. Within the Olympic thought that “taking part is more important than winning”. On this blog I will share my thoughts, beliefs, questions and so on. You are welcome to join my search!


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