Iteration #5: The context of the question

February 13, 2018 - Context of Education

Education often feels like puzzling all knowledge in the certificate, when you ask me. I imagine the current education like a puzzle of knowledge. The edges of the certificate / diploma are already defined.

Image 1: defined knowledge before earning a diploma

Teachers have the ‘freedom’ to give this knowledge to their students. Often by puzzling this into their minds. Puzzling once is fun. Just like starting with this (teaching) profession. But doing this for 50 times can become boring.

Image 2: the tools of teachers nowadays

But I believe there is a way to change education without big top-down changes. We (teachers) can change education from within. By using other tools. This can start with a new toolset similar to what we know today. But can grow towards a free toolset where teachers can be the real designers of education.

Image 3: free toolset

Imagine that teachers are free to choose any material and method to fill up the gaps. To illustrate this fun of designing I picked all kinds of materials like clay, rice, dirt, paperclips, wool and more. When teachers tested this iteration they discovered that the materials were jumping to other places than originally defined. And that made them realize more options are possible than filling just one ‘hole’ at a time. Interesting (non-designed) twist!

Image 4: gallery of designers and teachers experiencing my view on education


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