The hidden freedom to change

June 12, 2017 - Context of Education

The more experts I meet in education the clearer it get’s that there is freedom to change education, but teachers are shouting that there is a lack of freedom. What is happening with that freedom? I wrote a short ‘story’ to summarize my thoughts on this..

The hidden freedom to change


Policy makers are taking years to create new policy and content before is it imposed to education.They feel that they have ‘no control’ on schools, because schools (in the Netherlands) have a lot of freedom to make their own choices.


On the other hand teachers don’t experience this freedom to innovate. They have the feeling that ‘the system’ is forcing them to educate the way they do. Who is hiding the freedom to redesign education?


Maybe it is time to accept that the system of education is whithin ourselves. We need to start changing it today. Are you in?!

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