Guided ride #4 Arjan van der Meij

March 27, 2018 - Landscape of Education

Hotshot in the world of MakerEducation is Arjan van der Meij, although he does not prefer this introduction. Arjan is one of the first teachers who started with MakerEducation in the Netherlands. He is now already 15 years (!) active with making in all sorts of ways in education. Thanks to the test week at his school we could find some time to talk about the future of Maker Education. And we discussed the axes and the landscape I am working with as well.

Arjan is enthusiastic about the landscape of education for creating awareness amongst schools. It is interesting to create these landscapes over time. There is a backward option as well. Where were you, where are you now and where do you want to be? It is intriguing to find out that there are other on the same trajectory. That makes it possible to share knowledge amongst each other. Arjan started as individual and found buddies at his school. Now there is a complete team around making in education, and the management is on the same page. That route of maturity can be interesting for others to grow to their level. Arjan is getting a lot of request of other schools, but he is (and wants to stay) teacher at secondary education. It is valuable if not all (or a lot of) schools need to go collect insights from him, but also from others. But sharing is easier with a mind alike.

Arjan suggested a new ax: a passion for the job. Because teachers need to be willing to spend extra (own) time in setting it up.

It is valuable if this landscape can become an instrument for schools to find out if they are on the right track. We also need this to share ideas with other areas of education like art education.

Image 1: Place of MakerEducation in the landscape, with maturity level according to Arjan van der Meij

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