Landscape of Education

The Dutch school system is very fragmented. In this research I would like to focus on the fragmentation in secondary education, because this landscape can easily be translated towards primary and higher education. There are a lot of written words on the landscape of education, but so far nobody created a design to deliberate the differences and similarities in this landscape. I would like to design a landscape of education to make it easier to work in specific areas of education. Because some approaches are more open for other ways of learning, like for example maker education. If we want to change education from the inside out, I need to get a better grip on the landscape and context of it. I would like to focus this landscape on maker education in secondary education.


Questions I’d like to address

  • How does the landscape of education looks like?
  • What segment of education / teachers are open to a more designer-maker approach in education (and why is that a good thing)?


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/ Landscape of Education: Creative Session
// Session #1 Betasteunpunt Betacoordinates (n=21)

//Session #2 Makerconference Rotterdam

//Session #3 Professional Learning Group Science [scheduled]

/ Landscape of Education: Expert Conversations
// Guided Ride #1 Jozefien Bos
// Guided Ride #2 Edgar de Wit & Renee Prins
// Guided Ride #3 Tom van Doveren
// Guided Ride #4 Arjan van der Meij
// Guided Ride #5 Guus Mulder
// Guided Ride #6 Karin Snoodijk (CED Groep) [scheduled]
// Guided Ride #7 Scholen op de kaart (VO – raad) [scheduled]
// Guided Ride #8 Linda Looije – van Zijl
// Guided Ride #9 Noora

/ Hidden Design
Releasing insights on the sensitivity of getting in touch with teachers and helping teachers to become more like designers. “We need to be partners in crime”