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April 17, 2017 - Context of Education / Mistakes in Education

Today I decided to interview some makers in the lab to gain some insights about the way they learn. In this blogpost I share some quotes from these five interviews.*

Maker 1 
I consider myself a designer with a background in art(design)

Learning is an abstract word. For me is means that I try and fail. And failing is in our society not always approved. It would be great if we learn to handle making mistakes.

Maker 2
I consider myself a maker with a background in history

Learning is essential in life. It makes us who we are. In places like this (Stadslab Rotterdam) I feel encouraged to try even if I am not (yet) the expert in what I am trying. Every day I learn new things, I realize how less I know and I get respected by others for my knowledge.

Maker 3
I consider myself a maker with a background in product design

For me learning is in reflecting my work and proces. When I am designing and making I am in a flow. In education I missed that feeling of flow a lot.

Maker 4
I consider myself a programmer with a making mindset

In the lab I learned to ask others for help. If I don’t know-how to handle something, I find other who have the knowledge or skills to help me.

Maker 5
I consider myself a maker with a background in multimedia design

Learning is boring when you ask me about learning in an educational setting. The lab doesn’t feel like education to me. The community here is great. I feel inspired in this place. I think I learned much more about design in this place, from others and by doing, than I learned in school.


* The interviews and quotes are translated from dutch.

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